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Smart Planting


Previous research into agroforestry in UK has set up scientific trials which have been very useful for studying physical interactions between the different components, but have had limited application in terms of investigating a whole farm approach to integrating trees into a working system.

Smart Planting in UK project is a planting program of trees and hedges in the United Kingdom, in partnership with farmers willing to value their soil and involve in agroforestry practices.

Smart Planting UK project


Agro - Ecology
Cultural Dimension


Smart Planting in UK project aims at developping pioneer commercial models of agroforestry in the UK and promote sustainable food production.

PUR Projet assists farmers  in trees plantation in their farm, which improve productivity, reduce fertilisers use, stabilise and enrich soils, increase resilience against drought and reduce flood risk. Trres provide shade and shelter for livestock, encourage pollinating insects and also offer an additional source  of income from fruit, nuts and timber.


Farmers are helped by 3 local partner organizations :

– Woodland Trust, in charge of technical training to the farmers ;

– Soil association, to promote the program to their members ;

– Organic Research Centre, identify projects and design planting schem


  • Value of the soils
  • Involvement in agroforestry practices

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