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Mihai Eminescu Trust


The areas selected were all previously forested areas. Initiated in 2009, the project contributes to the ecological restoration of these lands and the replantation with native and economically profitable trees. The expertise of the local forestry, the openness of the local community and the local schools will guarantee that these activities will be sustainable.

The Mihai Eminescu Trust project contributes to the regeneration of rural landscapes in Transylvania, by raising awareness and by involving every social stratum of planting activities.

Ateliers de la Terre - Interview d'Alexis Krycève


Climate Change
Community Empowerment
Agro - Ecology
Development of Economics
Cultural Dimension
Self Sufficiency


The lands in the project region are frequently abandoned, as traditional practices have also been abandoned. As a consequence, soil erosion and degradation are current phenomena. Natural regeneration cannot ensure the needed number of saplings per hectare as planned in the management plant of the Forestry Authorities.

To face this situation, a reforestation program, under the collaboration of local authorities, local environmental organisations and local communities

Various activities in parallel of this project (planting trips, workshops, educational supports, etc) are involving local children, students and adults, in order to provide them the opportunity for practical education and on the long term to contribute to increasing their interest in nature sciences and environment.

The « Mihai Eminescu Trust » includes also the creation of fruit tree orchards in three local schools. In Saxon villages, it was a tradition to have an orchard in each school; this initiative aims to ensure in long term fruits for children and to resume an old tradition.


  • Regenerate the natural environment
  • Stop the erosion and the degradation of lands
  • Restore the traditional practices of use of lands
  • Make sensitive and give responsibilities to the local communities

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