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Femmes du Rif


Located in the north of Morocco, the Rif valley is inhabited by tribes, made of various deep rooted cultures and customs, that change from a mountain to another, from a village to the next. This is a mountainous region where the Douars (villages) are hardly accessible, soils are poor and farms are few. They plow the best they can with two donkeys or with a spade.

In the remote region of Rif, which is particularly poor and is given very little support, the cultivation of olive trees and oil manufacturing represent the only viable alternative to cannabis cultivation. It offers women the unique opportunity of working and therefore earning a minimum of independence.

Femmes du Rif (Women of the Rif), this is how women of the FedOlive cooperative are called. The cooperative is the result of a rural development project of feminine entrepreneurship run by the ONUDI, that was set up within the framework of the alphabetization course given to the women of the Rif. In 2003, some associations of women from Northern Morocco, most of whom had been able to attend this course, gathered and shared their annual harvests in order to be able to make economies of scale and ensure a higher quality of oil thanks to a technical and trade support. 350 women were involved at that time.


Femmes du Rif - Maroc


Climate Change
Community Empowerment
Agro - Ecology
Development of Economics
Cultural Dimension
Self Sufficiency


The aim of Pur Projet is to help female producers to plant olive trees in order to encourage the production and eventually fight against the development of the cannabis culture. There is already a support program of the Moroccan government to encourage plantation. The aim of Pur Projet is to expand this support program and therefore to speed up the process of plantation of olive trees. .


  • Set up an economic activity as an alternative to cannabis culture
  • Support the rural development of women's entrepreneurship

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