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Nordesta Project’s objective is to preserve water resources through the reforestation of the surrounding and banks of São Francisco River in the Minas Gerais State, Brazil.

This project is leaded by the Nordesta Association, which operates every single stage of the program, from collecting seeds to growing them, until planting and maintaining the sites. They work in collaboration with local farmers and landholders.

Heavy growth and exploitation of agricultural activities (coffee, cattle farming) in the Minas Gerais region, has leaded to the removal of trees along the Sao Francisco River. This has caused erosion; water pollution and biodiversity loss in the area.

Tree planting along the shores of this river intends to preserve water, both in terms of quality and quantity. This is a major issue since Sao Francisco River is Brazil’s 3rd most important river and a third of its population depend on it.

Nordesta - Brazil


Climate Change
Community Empowerment
Agro - Ecology
Development of Economics
Cultural Dimension
Self Sufficiency


Ever since the beginning of this project, over 415 608 trees have been planted. This year, Pur Projet partnered with Nordesta with the aim of 500 000 by the end of 2015. Additionally, sustainable economic activities such as beekeeping are being developed. Beekeeping not only diversifies farmer’s incomes but also increases agricultural yields through pollination.

Another goal is to promote organic farming, both inside their activities and with local farmers. This way, Nordesta and local farmers could obtain organic certifications for their projects.


  • Improving water in terms of quality and quantity in Sao Francisco River and its sources.
  • Regenerating degraded areas and enhancing soil quality: preventing erosion, soil enrichment.
  • Maintaining biodiversity and the allowing the reintegration of animal species such as the manned wolf, diving ducks, monkeys and others.

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