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Semeuses d’Espoir is an original jewelry piece that celebrates trees and women. It’s a customizable and evolving necklace made of a brass chain and wooden pendants with different colors and patterns sold separately.

In order to create your Semeuses d’Espoir necklace, you need to get the Semeuses d’Espoir necklace chain and at least one Semeuses d’Espoir pendant. One tree is planted for each pendant sold. A Treez Code provided with each pendant allows you to get more info on your tree in your personal space.


  • 100% solid beech wood two-sided pendant
  • Pendant only. The Semeuses d'Espoir chain, sold separately, is needed in order to create and assemble your necklace
  • Front side: Original China pattern, laser engraving - Back side: Red shiny surface, water based solvent
  • 1 pendant = 1 tree planted in the Liming project
CHINA, Liming

About This Project


The use of herbal medicinal plants is a very old tradition in China. Farmers have already successful experience of planting herbal medicine plants.

Through the Liming project, they will be supported by the Research Institute of Kunming for seedling and management techniques, in order to achieve the production of very high quality plants. Villagers are considering to create a cooperative in order to manage collectively the plantation, transformation and sale of herbal medicine planting.

Located in a mountainous area...

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