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The Semeuses bracelet is the new authentic creation of Treez, unique and personal. It is composed of a brass bangeled bracelet, and 3 blue charms. Compose your own by assembling the charms around the bracelet.

Original creation, the Semeuses d’Espoir range celebrates women in their diversity.

Each set of 3 charms finances the plantation of a tree within a reforestation project in which women play a key role. For this bracelet (blue), your tree will be planted in Romania, within the project Mihai Eminescu Trust, which contributes to regenerating the natural environment and restoring traditional uses of soil. Geolocalize your tree thanks to your Treez-code provided inside the packaging.

Our products are eco-conceived and made in France, in a special workshop employing disabled people.


  • 1 brass bangeled bracelet
  • 1 set of 3 charms composed of: 1 wood triangle, 1 charm sculpted in beechwood, 1 pompom
  • Delivered within 10 days
  • Made in France by disabled workers
TRANSYLVANIA, Mihai Eminescu Trust
Mihai Eminescu Trust

About This Project

The areas selected were all previously forested areas. Initiated in 2009, the project contributes to the ecological restoration of these lands and the replantation with native and economically profitable trees. The expertise of the local forestry, the openness of the local community and the local schools will guarantee that these activities will be sustainable.

The Mihai Eminescu Trust project contributes to the regeneration of rural landscapes in Transylvania, by raising awareness and by involving...

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