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For COP21, TREEZ has created this limited edition “B” bracelet in order to help Place to B neutralize their carbon emissions.

Place to B is an innovative media center, a central place for creativiy and inspiration during COP21. Their objective to envision tomorrow’s world by joining artists’, bloggers’, influencers’ creativity and positive energies.

TREEZ uses creativity in order to generate positive impacts on our Society. We are therefore particularly proud to be Place to B’s partner on this event.

Our “B” bracelets will allow each and everyone to act concretely by planting one tree in Peru and joining our motto : “It’s time to B the change”.

For each bracelet sold, 1 tree is planted at the heart of the Amazon forest in Peru. This reforestation project, called “Alto Huayabamba”, is VCS verified (Verified Carbon Standards). Trees are our best friends when it comes to acting against climate change. With this project, each planted tree will capture the equivalent of 333kg of CO2.


  • Solid beech wood medal in France
  • Waxed cotton cord made in France
  • No solvent, no polish
  • Laser engraving
PERÙ, Alto Huayabamba
Alto Huayabamba

About This Project

San Martin region was heavily deforested in the 1980’s as it became a red zone of coca production. With the help of USAID, local farmers switched from coca to cocoa cultivation in the 1990’s. The Fair Trade & Organic cooperative ACOPAGRO was created at that time. Launched in 2008, Alto Huayabamba reforestation project was set up with the objective to develop best-class agroforestry systems and ensure the sustainability of the cocoa cultivation model. ACOPAGRO cooperative was created in 1997, as part of a UN program to substitute...

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