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Creations that plant trees

We believe that art and fashion can help bring back beauty into our world.
Behind each TREEZ accessory, there is much more than just one contemporary fashion or lifestyle item.

There are also trees. Trees that you can wear as a sign of your contribution to a more meaningful world.
We plant trees on your behalf each time you buy one of our products.
The trees are planted and looked after by men and women around the world whose living and farming conditions improve thanks to their tree planting activity. .


  1. 1. Order your Treez accessory from our e-shop. For each item you buy, one or several trees will be planted.
  2. 2. Once you have received your order, enter your 'Treez Code' (located on the packaging) on our website to geolocate your tree and find out about the project.
  3. 3. Join the #TreezMovement and its community! Connect again and again, exchange, share, breathe!


Deforestation is one of the leading sources of global gas emissions Greenhouse. It causes considerable damage, attacks the main drinking water resources, threatening local populations, destabilize fragile ecosystems, reducing soil fertility and farmers, making the bleak landscapes and bleak future.

Planting a tree is to act for the preservation of biodiversity, the fight against global warming, human development, for access to water, for food sovereignty, for soil irrigation for the preservation of First Peoples and their culture, to defend sustainable agricultural model for the empowerment of women ..

By wearing the colors of “Treez” you do something concrete to defend the forests of the world and you are contributing to the development of growing communities where the forest and agro-forestry are a source of sustainable income.


Your TREEZ jewelry pieces and lifestyle items help fund trees. The trees are planted in areas, all around the globe, where deforestation is a threat or where planting trees brings loads of social and environmental improvements

All our creations are designed so as to limit their impact on the environment: Solid wood, little size – little weight, minimal packaging, limited transport. We continuously work at reducing the environmental footprint of our products.

Our creations are made ​​in France, from raw materials that are either made in France or made close to France. Our beech wood comes from the Jura region and helps support a key economic sector of the region. Distances are thus shortened and ou carbon footprint is limited. Even our waxed cotton cords are manufactured in France. Everything is assembled in France before being sent to your house.

Almost all our production is made in our partner ESAT (Organizations that employ disabled workers and support their professional integration).


Perfection is an absolute, action, by definition, an imperfection. Treez is a project with a strong social and environmental ambition. The expertise of the founders on social and environmental issues and selection of partners according to their ethics and their own commitments make it a demanding project, serious and ambitious.

But, as any action, ours is far from perfect and neutral. And we hope it is approaching more and more over time. We have already identified some areas for improvement on which we wish to commit ourselves and report regularly.

Treez Card : Once your medallion cut and removed cord, there is a drop in wood. Because the inks used, we do not want even recommend burying in the ground this fall, but it’s ultimately our goal. For now, we can avoid this “small” waste … unless you want to keep the course, or if you find it a particular purpose. Some already bear keychain … It whispers that it may be launched a new fashion …! Have made ​​parents-teachers to draw shapes for their children and have made ​​bricolos shims to their Sunday work. And you, what use did you find our beautiful beech cards? Keep informed us about ( contact@treez.fr )!

Transport : Although Treez are small little bulky objects and distances between reduced production and delivery, transportation is a project that can be optimized: Methods greener transport, route optimization … We mainly use the Post Office, which made many efforts in this area. To learn more about the environmental policy of La Poste, click here . Cords : We try to focus cords made ​​in France but due to the diversification of colors used for our new products, this is not always the case. In addition, so far we have still not succeeded in sourcing organic cotton cords and / or harvested in the European Union. We are also in constant search of innovations and new materials options. For example, we would love to replace cotton with polyester from recycled. But what we have found, for now, is black and only black … If you find other items to improve Treez, both in terms of quality as our approach, please contact us! We like to welcome criticism and feedback with listening and enthusiasm. IMPROVEMENTS ALREADY CARRIED OUT: UPDATE October 2014 Plastic packaging : “The least impacting waste is that which does not produce.” This saying has inspired us and, not finding sustainable alternative, reliable and biodegradable, we chose to remove the plastic packaging Treez. However, we remain attentive to any innovations in packaging! Code Label : Initially the code to access his personal space was located on a label scratch plastic, covered with a scratch-off ink (with questionable composition …). Now we use a small paper tag hidden under the cord.

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